Put in work.

Hello, It’s been a while since we’ve spoken, I have a good reason, and I will show it as well. 

After The Sweet Spot: A Live Art Experience I kinda went into a hibernation a creative one anyway, I created sporadically some times not even whole hearted. Honestly I was bummed out I had higher hopes for the event and for the artist involved I wished for the improbable, a jam packed event where everyone gains fame and fortune and The Sweet Spot goes down in NoHo PAC history, but i digress, I went into hibernation and only peaked my creative head out every so often. I wasn’t worried because what I had realized is that when I’m not spilling the inner contents of my soul, or just being a mirror for you to see something that you didn’t know was there. Those juices are churning inside me to create a new mix a new way to use inspiration. So what you’ve seen titled 2013 is a result of an improved and what you see from here on out is growth. Growth in my skills my understanding of self, and giving you a look at what makes me the way I am.

Since I’ve found something in art itself that I love I’m going to put in as much work as needed until my name rings out.


Enjoy the work, 

For inquires leave a comment with an email or just email me mrfort10@gmail.com.




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